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Hi! Welcome to my personal page. My name is Larry L. Miller and I live on the East Coast of Florida. I live less than 100 yards from the beach. Every day rain or shine I like go down to the beach area and try to walk and marvel at the handy work of God and all of the beautiful creations I am priviledged to enjoy every day of my life.

I retired a few years ago from the normal 9 to 5 rat race that so many of us have become accustomed to. I wanted to enjoy life for the rest of my days. So my wife and I bought an RV and started to travel fulltime. For 14 years we were on the road, seeing the beautiful back country of the United States. During our business career we had been prividleged to visit many foreign countries on the many trips I had won in my business as an General Insurance Agent, and Partner in a major Stock brokerage firm.

All the traveling around the United States for 14 years was really great, however, with the price of gasoline today and some health issues we decided to get off the road for awhile.

About 7 years ago I bought a computer and learned how to actually turn it on and off. I was green as grass with regard to anything about computers or online marketing. Little by little I began to pick up on some of the techniques of operating a computer. I bought any number of get rich quick programs like everyone else. You guessed it. I didn't make any money either. The designers of the program was getting rich on the little guy, and the little guy was left holding the empty bag. Since only 5% of the people on the internet make money, I happened to be in that 95% that was spending money. Thank God that has changed now and I am one of the 5% group making money on the internet.

In September 2006, I decided I was going to find a product and try to sell it on the internet. I bought the domain name I thought was appropriate. Did the normal due diligence, like I always do and chose a product that was small to carry, easy to pack and reasonable to ship. The only thing I lacked was how to market this product. After attempting to self study on the internet on how to market a product, I was more confused than ever before. I had enrolled in a half dozen or more different programs and thank God I did'nt keep track of how much money I had wasted on those worthless junk programs. The programs sounded good, however, I did'nt make a nickel. Does this sound familiar?

While surfing the internet one day, I found a program called Blastomatic, published by a company called Veretekk Marketing. This program promised to blast 12 million websites per day, for FREE!! So I enrolled. Why not it was FREE. I used this program for a few day and things began to fall into place. I was getting hits on my website, what a surprise! Then a funny thing happened; I started to get orders.

Then I received an email stating I could upgrade to the Leadsomatic Lead Generating program and I would be able to blast 2 Billion websites each and every time, as often as I liked. This upgrade would cost only $10.00 per month. Again I thought what the heck. What is ten bucks, if it didn't work the most I would loose is $10.00. So I took the plunge. Started submitting 2 Billion sites every day. The hits to my website really started to jump. Started getting more orders. Just what I wanted. I had become one of the few people on the internet making money. Remember, I said earlier that less than 5% of the people on the internet make money. Within 5 months my little website was now on page one of Google and I was sometimes positioned in #1 and then back to #2. I was more than pleased with my progress already.

I'm just an ordinary guy in my late 60's who has been blessed with success. If I can do it, you definity can. Permit me to help you, in your "quest for success".

I am now a SEO Consultant, Leadsomatic Master Distributor, Certified Instructor and an Online Marketing Specialist and Mentor. I thank God for making this remarkable program available to us little guys. I am priveldege to be one of over 100 certified instructors who devote some of their time to helping the little guy succeed in their businesses. "Let's build your business together". Thank you for listening to my story.

Larry L Miller

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