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  • Has Your Printer Become Tired? Is It Time For It To Retire? By:-Robert G Smith
    That is a question most every printer owner will face sooner or later. Although the world of technology is slowly sliding into a paperless society, it is unlikely that printers will become obsolete for a long, long time. Every office needs one, has one, and curses at one when it does not work the way it should. This can be because it has slowed down, does not print quality copies the way it used to, or simply canít handle the increased work load your endeavors throw at it everyday.
  • Printers Need Time To Cool Off Especially During Large Jobs By:-Robert G Smith
    The speed and efficiency of laser printers has revolutionized the home and business printing industry. Unlike ink jet or dot-matrix printers, a laser printer is able to store the image data and not have any lapses in printing while waiting for more data to arrive. Like any machine the faster and longer they work, the more heat they generate. The electronics industry is full of those small cooling fans that automatically kick on and off as the machine needs to cool down. Printers charged with large jobs will cycle to cool down modes periodically. This cool down period is crucial to your printers well being.
  • Are There Different Quality Levels Of Printer Ink? By:-Robert G Smith
    Yes there are! There are different technologies in the production of printer ink. The market is challenging, with each company pushing their technology as being the best. They all boast of the best printer ink quality and praise various new features over another brand. Whether the toner or printer ink you are using is an original equipment manufactured (OEM) cartridge or a compatible generic ink cartridge, or a refilled OEM cartridge, it is what is best for your project. Checking what is available and comparing qualities is the way to determine if a generic brand is as good, if not better than, OEM.
  • Using The Internet To Find The Best Deals On Printer Ink. By:-Robert G Smith
    These days as the proliferation of printers continually expands. People are resorting to the Internet for an improved shopping experience in all venues. The use of printer ink is flooding our lives with easily printed material like never before. Individuals are finding it beneficial and convenient to purchase their printer supplies on-line. The low infrastructure cost enables on-line printer ink companies to offer products at discounted rates in comparison to brick and mortar companies. Many on-line printer ink companies have risen to fill the growing demand for printer inks.
  • Why Consumers Should Be Interested In Discount Printer Supplies. By:-Robert G Smith
    During the life of your printer your ink supplies are the most expensive part of having a printer. Manufacturers sell their printers at cost, or sometimes below cost, because they know they will make money on the sale of new ink cartridges. The cost of adding more ink will eventually far exceed the cost of the printer itself. It does not take long for every printer owner to search for a cost-cutting alternative.
  • Ride The Re-manufactured Ink Cartridge Pony To Save On Printing Costs. By:-Robert G Smith
    In your printers service life, the cost of the ink will dwarf the cost of the printer itself. Printer manufacturers have a vested interest in selling their original manufactured ink cartridges. That is where their best profit lies. On the other hand, if you use discount printer ink supplies, you can save 75% and more of your ink costs. So it is financially prudent to explore more economical sources of printer ink. Re-manufactured printer cartridges are the pony to ride for cost-conscious consumer.
  • Home Video By:-Jefferson Watson
    Many of us have old video recordings we'd like to remember as life events. Very often does home video get dusty on shelves and retrieved from there only on rare occasions. How to make it watchable by yourselves and attractive to the dear ones...
  • Clearing the browser cache By:-Jan Micheals
    I dare you to look in your browser's cache of saved files. You might be surprised at seeing many megabytes of files wasting space. Not only that, but tracking cookies, adware and malicious files may be sitting there sending your info to someone else.
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