Different Classes of Search Engines and Their Functions


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Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Different Classes of Search Engines and Their Functions

The term Search Engine (often referred to as "SE") is normally the general term used by most individuals for all search engines. Most marketers don't realize there are actually different types of search engines and most of us don't understand the functions and purpose of each type of engine. We will discuss the different classes of engines and their functions later in today's article. Crawler Based engines which are the most common. These engines are often referred to as the traditional engines that most of us use on a daily basis. Directory Engines deal mostly with human edited catalog type sites or articles. Hybrid Engines are often referred to as Meta Engines or engines that use other engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for their results. Google, Yahoo and Bing are the most popular search engines online today and more than 85% of all engines get their search results from the Big 3 Engines. The Pay-Per-Performance engines are normally referred to as paid inclusion engines. Pay for Performance and Pay per Inclusion engines are popular as well. Cost per Click is now being offered with many of the various types of engines.

1.) The crawler based engines, use specific software that will automatically visit a web site on a scheduled basis, and crawls web sites with "robots, crawlers and spiders" gathering information to be included in the engines data bases. This is often referred to as "indexing" a web site. Once the robots match's the keywords of a users query, then the engines will match relevant keywords to sites containing the most relevant keywords or phrases, then the engine will post the results on the "search results page" for the users review. Don't confuse this part of the process as page ranking. We will cover the term page ranking in one of our future writings. Google is the most popular search engine online today and is an excellent example of a crawler based search engine.

2.) The best known and most important human edited directories are Yahoo and DMOZ. The main difference here is that the pages that are added is done by human review and hand submitting your site. Normally a CAPTCHA image is required and is used to prevent automatic submissions. It's imperative that you submit a relevant and descriptive writing for the directory editors to review. It's solely the reviewer's decision on whether to accept or reject your writing for submission in their directories. It's quite evident that when practicing Search Engine Optimization tactics and promoting, one should submit their writings with cautious optimization principals and tactics that meet every type of search engine guideline and algorithm known to that writer.

3.) Hybrid Engines will normally publish web site that have been previously reviewed and evaluated by one or more of the three major search engines mentioned above. Much of the success of submitting to the hybrid engines is a matter of good content, consistency and a bit of luck. Most search engines in one form or another may be considered as hybrid engines. Both Google and Yahoo is just a couple of examples of hybrid engines. As a general rule, however, a hybrid engine will show some favoritism and will favor one type of listing over another. One example of this is Google favors crawled listing, while on the other hand Yahoo favors the human reviewed listings.

4.) Meta Search Engines are becoming more popular as the internet evolves into some broader functions. This trend is using the philosophy of combining results from multiple engines and presenting the results in a neatly formatted results page. This is really a remarkable concept since the results can be listed all within a single listing. This is good for the user as well because the user can review a broader spectrum of information regarding the subject matter of interest before making a choice of where to purchase their item of interest. A couple of good examples of the multi engine concept are Meta Crawler and Dog Pile. Meta Crawler which includes seven of the most popular engines including Lycos and AltaVista and then compiles and ranks the search results by providing a broader spectrum of information which is a huge advantage to the internet users.

5.) Pay for Performance and Paid Inclusion Engines are very profitable for this type of search engine. There's a limited number of Pay for Performance engines, however, most engines offer a paid listing option as part of their overall indexing and ranking systems. On the other hand paid inclusions are available to make sure your site is included in the search results. The inclusion is guaranteed because you are paying for position using a bidding process and the higher you bid for a specific keyword or phrase the higher your position will be in the paid ad sections of the various search engines. Frequently, search networks are set up on an auction format where the keywords and phrases are considered a cost-per-click (CPC) charge. Now that Bing and Yahoo have merged and the Yahoo! Search Marketing is powered by Microsoft, Google and Bing are now the largest paid listing providers on the World Wide Web.

Now that we've shared with you a bit more information, it should be much easier to better understand the various types of search engines and their functions. Each internet marketer can write in a general format that can be picked up by any one or all of the various types of engines. The more you read and understand the functions of the search engines the more productive you will become in your writings, publishing and promoting of your web sites, article directories, blogs and forums.

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Larry L Miller SEM SEO Consulting

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