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Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Follow Search Engine Guidelines When Building a Web Site

When building a promotable web site, there are certain elements that must be implemented into your web site if you want your site to be indexed properly by the search engines. In this article we'll be discussing some of the most important source codes that are acceptable by the search engines. Today we want to share a few ideas about the source code for the Title, Meta Description, Keywords and Keyword Phrases, Content, Alt Attributes for images and Linking.

Title Suggestions

The title should give the user a good idea of what your web site is all about. Choose a few primary keywords from your keyword selection you put together in your preparation phrase. Avoid using all caps in your title because the search engines are not case sensitive. Your character count should be between 40 and 60 characters. If you use more than 60 characters, your title will be cut off in the search results when a query is made.

Include your most important keywords in the title; however, don't exceed a ratio of more than 60% of total character count. Example: If you used all 60 characters in your title make sure that no more than 36 characters that are your keywords. Make sure your title is related to your sites content. Use upper case characters on the first letter of each word in the title. Never capitalize all the letters in the title of your site.

Meta Tag Description

The Meta description should always be included in your source code. Many of the search engines don't put much emphasis on the Meta description for ranking purposes. The main reason for a Meta description is for the users to read what your site is about when they make a query for your product or service. This description must be decisive as well as captivating because this is where the user will make the choice to enter your site or go somewhere else to fulfill their needs.

There are varied opinions on how long a Meta description should be. Most search engines will cut off any description longer than 150 characters. You have a limited space to get your message across to the user, so use this space wisely. Use the same keywords in your Meta description as the keywords you used in your Title which will help get your point across to the user as well as the search engines. Don't use the same word more than once in your Meta description if possible. Some engines may accept the same keyword more than once before considering your site as trying to spam the engines. Use extreme caution here.

If your site has multiple pages, each page must have its own Title and Meta description and should reflect the keywords that are contained in the content of that particular page. Always keep in mind that a good Meta description will increase your chances of a higher click through rate for each individual page. Engines view individual pages rather than web sites.

Keywords and Keyword Phrases

Your source code should include your keywords in the order of importance. Use the primary keywords that you used in the Title and Meta description. Listing too many keywords will do you more harm than good. I have seen site with a hundred or more keywords listed. All this does is, it dilutes the value of your main keywords. Example: If you're working with a full 100% effective rate and you have a hundred keywords, each of your keywords would have only a 1% effectiveness ratio. If you use only 10 relevant keywords your effectiveness ratio is 10% per keyword. More is not better in this area of your site.

Many of the search engines will only allow 150 characters in the keyword description tag. Some of the less popular engines may allow a total of 847 characters. Only use keywords that appear in the content area of your site and try to include as many of your keywords in the first paragraph of your content area as possible.

Content Area of Your Web Site

The content of your site must be placed between the body tags of your source code. Write as you would normally talk to someone that you're trying to explain your business opportunity to. Within your content area strategically use your keywords and keyword phrases when describing your business. There are guidelines you should understand before you attempt to build an optimized site. If you don't understand the process or what to do, then secure the services of a Optimization Consultant regarding the proper guidelines to follow. Keep in mind that your content must make sense to your reading audience to the point that it captivates their attention within seconds and hopefully that user will become a client rather quickly.

There are four elements that are important to the search engines regarding your keywords. Keyword Prominence, Density, Proximity and Frequency are all critical elements if you want to be accepted by the search engines. We discussed these important areas of building an acceptable web site in one of our recent article. Engine guidelines recommend the total keywords count should be between 3 and 6% of your total word count. Anything more, may be considered as keyword stuffing which will get you into trouble with the search engines. Keyword stuffing and spamming are two of the most recognized violations by the engines, and severe sanction and penalties will inevitably occur even to the point of banning your web site.

Since most readers scan an article you can help them follow your writings by having some of your keywords in bold or strong font. You can even use the em tag to emphasize some of your content if you like.

Most engines consider a content area having between 500-600 words is an acceptable word count for each page on your site. Having a minimum of 5-6 pages is the recommended for a well designed site.

HTML Heading Tag

The search engines put a lot of emphasis on using the correct heading tags. H1 thru H6 tags are the only heading tags recognized by the engines. H1 tags are for the main heading of your site. Use only one H1 tag on each page. Use other heading tags in order of importance to break up your page copy which makes it easier for the reading audience to follow and understand what your site is all about.


Linking is now and always has been a key ingredient in earning an acceptable page ranking for your web site. See our recent article on how to link your site correctly and at the same time build permanent links that will pass the search engine guidelines and algorithms, now and in the future.

ALT Attributes of Images

Alt tags on images are now mandatory with all search engines. Do some serious research regarding web development to maximize your chances of online success.


Compliance to the guidelines for Title tags, HTML headings, Link text and ALT attributes of images are the first elements the search engines spiders look for when visiting your site.

Keyword Prominence, Density, Proximity and Frequency are most important to the search engines when populating your keywords in the content area.

Avoid keyword stuffing and spamming at all cost when building your site.

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Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consulting

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