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Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Marketing and Sales Strategies For Your Online Business

Marketing and Sales in any business must be considered as two totally different facets for any successful business venture. Each of these elements are equally important, especially if you want to be profitable in any online business. Many individuals confuse these two issues and as a result only focus on one elements not knowing that each of these segments of the market can work together and are equally important.

Marketing actually involves the designing of your web site, branding strategies, product labeling and promoting the product or service using various promoting and advertising methods and tactics. Marketing is merely the platform which must be designed to drive traffic to the sales department of your business. Without sales your company will die rather quickly.

The sales process is a bit different with each individual involved. Some people are natural born salesmenm and could sell the sleeves out of a vest, (I know a vest doesn't have sleeve) while other people couldn't close the sale if they paid the customer to take it off their hands.

To succeed online you must meld your Sales and Marketing efforts together. One without the other is like trying to win a boxing match with one hand tied behind you; the outcome will probably be a painful loss.

The future of any company is directly tied to the marketing strategies outlined by the marketing department and is in fact the backbone of the company sales efforts. We discussed earlier how the two element must work together to be successful. The process of putting together a powerful marketing plan covering the design of the web site, product and advertising is going to make the sale of the product or service happen much quicker. A good sales department can then take that well designed marketing strategy and go thru their process of successfully executing the efforts of the marketing concept and completing the sale.

You can have the best product and marketing plan in the business, however, without someone to present that opportunity to the consumer and consummate the sale, all your efforts are in vain.

There are numerous methods of completing a sales which may include cold calling, phone sales, direct sales or networking just to name a few.

Normally, a company will experience some rivalry between the marketing and sales department, but good management must make certain that both departments work together like a well oiled machine. Many would be businesses has failed because pride got in the way of good business common sense. The bottom line here is to work as a team and lay aside personal hangups and vendettas.

A well run marketing department will make the sales departments job so much easier and enjoyable for everyone. Probably the most important role of the marketing staff is to create opportunities for the sales department to present and close. This of course will only happen if the marketing and sales department consistently work together to make it happen. This includes the total concept of marketing and sales, from the original ideas to the final closing of the sales and the joy of smiling all the way to the bank.

In a nut shell, the marketing department creates opportunities for the sales department to finalize. Marketing drives sales and sales drives a company to a successful profitable bottomline.

Few businesses have achieved success when they've combined both the marketing and sales departments together. It takes a powerful individual to manage both of these entities in any business. The main reason it doesn't work is that the marketing department's mindset is totally different than the sales department goals.

The marketing department is looking at the here and now of a product or service, while at the same time they're looking at the long range projections of new and exciting products or services for the future. They must have the foresight to make changes if needed in order to keep up with the ever changing times one encounters in business.

On the other hand the sales department is focusing on what is available for immediate sales, so they can generate a cash flow, get a paycheck and keep the company financially stable and profitable.

Good business practices demands a good marriage of these two important elements of mareting and sales. The integration of these elements is the fuel that produces the growth of the company. Each department must have its own role in the company and management must make certain that both departments work hand in hand for the betterment and profitablity of the company.

Every business, whether online or a local business located on main street in Anytown USA, must follow the same concepts to succeed in business. If you don't understand these basic concepts, seek the help of a professional immediately.

The eBiz Solutions Team is standing by to assist you in your marketing and sales challenges. Call today for your free "no obligation" consultation.

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Larry L Miller SEM SEO Consultant

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