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Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Promote an Online Business Using the Correct Marketing Tools

The question is often ask; "what is online marketing?" Actually online marketing is a combination of many different tools and activities all blended together to accomplish and generate recognition on the internet regarding your product or services. Online marketing requires knowledge regarding how to use certain tools to accomplish your goals when promoting your business opportunity. It's not necessarily the tools you use, but how you use those tools and what is accomplished by their use. Your web site must be your main focal point when marketing online and promoting any business. In today's article we want to suggest some of the various aspects of what to use in your online marketing process.

Once you have your web site built and you're comfortable with the appearance of your masterpiece, then you must make sure that your site is optimized correctly for the search engines. Having an attractive web site is important for the user appeal, however, you can have the best looking site on the internet and unless you have your site optimized for the search engines correctly, then you are just another pretty site that will probably go nowhere. If you're not familiar with what it takes to accomplish these goals, then seek the help of a professional. The eBiz Solutions can help you understand how to make this happen and point you in the right direction to achieve online success quicker than trying to do it alone.

Social medias such as Twitter and Facebook has become a tremendous marketing tool to consider; however, most individuals get caught up in the "visiting with friend's" aspect of this media rather than focusing on the proper way to promote your business through this powerful marketing media. Many users have found that by using short videos in conjunction with social media has proven to be the combination of services that has made them a success.

eMail marketing has been around for decades, however, that system has been blatantly abused by spammers and questionable content sites for so long that many marketers have backed away from the massive email campaigns that made them a lot of money in the past. Online users have become hardened to the spamming and abuse of this method of online marketing and no longer use this method of communication to generate potential clients and new business. What a shame that email marketing has come to this point or rejection. I get hundreds of emails on a daily basis and many of them I delete without even opening them. Allow me to make one very important point here, and that is email marketing is powerful if you do it correctly and have some kind of a hook that captures the users attention.

Affiliate marketing definitely has its place in the online marketing arena. Affiliate marketing can make you some residual income; however, don't count on being an affiliate of multiple companies and making you a huge of amount of income. Your real thrust here should be that you own and control the company, products and service that allows other individuals to make a small amount of income by being your affiliate member.

It's been my experience that article marketing is extremely powerful and you should consider this tool for marketing as important. Writing articles, press releases, blogs, posting to forums, is a powerful and rewarding way to generate traffic, build links and brand yourself and your company all within one phase of the online marketing process. Article marketing is an art and a science that must be learned, pursued and practiced frequently for this method of marketing to be effective.

There are numerous other methods of online promotion that should become an integral part of your overall marketing strategies. Holding webinars, conducting online training sessions, display ads are just a few of the other ways you can promote your business opportunity.

One of the most important elements regarding the question of which tool you should choose from your promotional toolbox is having a good customer support system in place. Many of your readers may not be as savvy as you are in learning how to combine some of the tools mentioned into a powerful marketing strategy as we've discussed in today's article. Users will always have questions and it's imperative that you provide a strong support team to promptly handle any issues or questions about your products or services.

Summary: There are numerous marketing tools being offered online today, however, it's not really the tools that are that important, it's the way you end up using the tools that makes the difference. There is no cookie cutter plan that will fit all, so be prepared to spend whatever time that's necessary to do the research on which tools might be the most effective for your particular needs.

You can spend months or even years doing extensive study trying to find that magic bullet, however, don't waste a lot of time on the little things. Seek the help of a professional and let them assist you with what they feel will get you the best for the least amount of time and investment.

The eBiz Solutions Team is standing by to assist you in your tool choices and online marketing challenges. Give them a call today for a free "no obligation" consultation. It's free and will help to point you a direction to success.

"Let's Build Your Business Together"

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consulting

Authors Bio: Marketing Articles by Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant specializes in promoting clients to "Top Positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing". Mr. Miller is the promotions director for BLM Traders the leader in Automated Marketing Tools. Privat Line: 321-594-4405

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