Time Management Tips That Will Breed Success


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Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Time Management Tips That Will Breed Success

Most hourly workers just do what theyíre told, and rightfully so, thatís what theyíre being paid to do. However, when youíre in business for yourself whether itís an online or offline business certain issues must be addressed on a timely fashion if you want to succeed in your business efforts. Therefore, time management is important to understand and must be implemented into a personal workable time management blueprint.

Whether youíre an individual or company regardless of size will flounder and fail if a workable plan of action is not carefully implemented into their everyday schedule. Everyoneís situation is unique and different so itís up to each of us to build a plan that fits our individual needs. The following helpful hints should make it easier, regardless of how long youíve been in the business or your age.

Take time to sit down and hand write a list of what must be done to make your everyday life more productive. Time is money in this business and if you jump from chore to chore, the end result is non productive at best. When you start the planning process, write down everything you want to accomplish. Donít worry about putting the chores in any particular order. Just make a list. As soon as you feel you have written everything down that comes to mind, then put your list into some sequence of importance. List the most important chores as top priority and the lesser important issue at the end. You may have to reconstruct your list several times before it makes total sense to you.

Check off each item as you complete the task and in the morning when you revise your list for that day you will be amazed at how quickly your list has dwindled. The main thing here is to be consistent with your log of chores each and every day. During the week make sure that you focus on your business every working day. You may need to designate one day a week strictly for the honey do list that the wife has compiled for you. Unless you are a strong willed person, switching from business to honey do chores and then back to business can be quite a challenge.

Make every effort to have your to do list with you at all times. Iíve found that putting my chores in my appointment book with a specific time to handle that particular issue has worked well for me. Every day I personally like to write new information articles early in the morning before the family gets up. That way I have less noise to contend with since the radio or television hasnít been turned on yet for the day.

Make a specific time for yourself for broadening your personal interest with information regarding your favorite topic. Many successful business men and women start their day with devotional readings, while others will read the Wall Street Journal. Ignorance is bliss, but being informed is imperative if you want to succeed in any business.

Have a specific time of the day that you take care of your emails. Some of the emails you will want to handle immediately. Lesser important emails can wait until a later time in the day when you may need a break from the more complex issues at hand.

After youíve worked with your new time management plan for a week or so, take a close look at what youíve accomplished and revise minor things in your program that will make your new venture more practical and productive. Avoid getting involved with mundane cell phone calls that donít make you any money. Handle the non important calls after youíve worked your scheduled work time. Even though you are working for yourself, donít squander the working hours with unimportant chores.

If youíre working on a large project such as building a new web site, it may be to your advantage to break up your major project into several mini projects. You may want to make a list of priorities within your major project and put those chores in order of importance.

Once youíve determined you can function using your new time management plan, then stick to that plan until something major comes along that demands you to change your working strategies. Set some specific boundaries on how much time you spend with individuals who want to just chit chat. Once youíve wasted your valuable time, itís gone forever, you can never recover that time loss regardless of how hard you try.

If you have employees, learn to become a boss and delegate authority. Handle all your correspondence emails once, if at all possible. Read the email and make a decision right then and there of whether action is required, and if so, then do it immediately. Donít put if off and say youíll do it in a day or two. Incomplete actions will accumulate to a mountain of unresolved chores rather quickly. Somewhere on your time management list of things to do, make sure you allow time for yourself. If you enjoy playing golf, set a given time for your personal enjoyment. Rewarding yourself is an excellent way of keeping you fresh and at the top of your game.

Donít try to be a jack of all trades. Learn a few important things and be proficient in those choices. For example, if you like to build web sites, then become a professional in that particular venue of internet marketing. If you like to promote other peoples site, then learn the process of promoting, and do it well.

Time management is critical to your online success. Hopefully some of the simple ideas weíve shared in this writing will help you to become a better person, both personally and in your business.

If you have time management challenges then by all means give one of the eBiz Solutions Team members a call for a free ďno obligationĒ consultation.

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Larry L Miller SEM SEO Consulting

Authors Bio: Marketing Articles by Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant specializes in promoting clients to "Top Positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing". Mr. Miller is the promotions director for BLM Traders the leader in Automated Marketing Tools. Phone: 321-594-4405

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