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Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Are You Going To Buy Leads Today...DON'T

Instead of paying some outlandish price for what some lead brokers sell as fresh leads.....many times those leads will not be fresh at all. Why? Because those leads have been sold to other marketers just like you over and over again. In essence you would be buying a list of used lead. There are several ways that lead information is gathered. In some cases you could have as good a lead by going to the phone book and cold calling at random any name in the phone book. If you are interested in e-mail addresses to market to, there are also ways that you can accumulate such list. Forget about the purchasing of leads and consider the latest trend in the industry .... and generate sales leads in your own marketing system.

Your Need for Leads:

The need for leads is vital in any business and the generation of quality sales leads must be a priority in any marketing endeavor. I have personally traveled that route of purchasing "so called leads" and have wasted a lot of money over the years. When you consider the conversion ratio of sales to lead cost you've spent, the cost per lead is outlandish.

About three and a half years ago I found an organization that had designed, perfected and implemented a lead generation program in their marketing tools that was being offered to the general public. The program is affordable, effective and the quality of sales leads was fantastic. Good News....I have not purchased a sales lead now for over 3 1/2 years now.

Generate Leads In Your Own System:

This program was designed to empower any type of marketer to assist in lead generating regardless of what type of business you may be involved in. This simple to use, fill in the blanks format was simple to understand and allows you fill in the blanks with the pertinent information about your business opportunity. With a few clicks of the mouse you're ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level. What you'll find is a return of fresh quality approachable sales leads that are willing to hear more about your business offering when you make that follow-up phone call. Not everyone is going to make a purchase from you, no plan works that well, however, you will have people that will welcome your follow-up call because they responded to the information you published about your opportunity. The leads are for your use only, because you generated that sales lead in your own marketing system in your own words about your offering of products or services. How much fresher can a sales lead be?

Important Features:

There are some outstanding features in this latest state of the art lead generating system. One example is the keyword and keyword phrase popularity checker. You can fine tune your information with the most effective keywords before you submit your opportunity to the search engines for the world to see. Good keywords with fresh content about your offering will make a substantial difference in the quality and quantity of the lead response that you will enjoy. Another excellent tool which is included in the system is the free search engine submit tool. You can submit your URL to 100's of the premier search engines with your business opportunity.

Earn Top Search Engine Positions:

If you've been in the rut of purchasing leads and been disappointed with your results, then you owe it to yourself to review the this Lead Generation system. You can visit some of my sites and see exactly what I'm talking about. Take a few minutes and review the entire program and see how easy you can change your marketing efforts and start generating leads in your own system within a matter of hours. Many of the successful professionals in todays market are using this exact program to promote many type of products and services and gaining Top Positions on Google, Yahoo and MSN (Bing). Join the pro's and start making money on the internet now.

One on One Consultation:

If I can assist you in your marketing "quest for success" you can contact me at the contact information listed below. If you need personal mentoring we can help. Let the eBiz Solutions Team with BLM Traders point you in the right direction to successful online marketing. Call today for your Free 30 minute "no obligation" consultation.

"Let's Build Your Business Together"

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consulting

Author Resources:  Larry L Miller a SEM/SEO Consultant who specializes in promoting his clients to "Top Positions With Google" and other leading search engines. Mr Miller is the promotions director for BLM Traders the leader in Automated Marketing Systems. Private Line: 321-594-4405, Fax: skype: larrylmiller121

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