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Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Commitment - Determination - Success

When we talk about success in our lives, different scenarios goes through our minds on what success really means to us and what we must do to make success happen in our life. All of us have some degree of desire to become successful in our personal life so we can enjoy a good career, find the right soul mate, live in a beautiful home, drive a nice car etc., you know all the material things in life that we've been told during our adolescent years, that will make us happy and successful.

Having stuff in our life is great to a point; however, it's easy to become over zealous on accumulating stuff and never achieve true success in our life. A well balanced grasp on all aspects of our life should be considered in this process. Our personal, spiritual, business and family life all are important, but must have different priorities to maintain a good balance, for us to be successful.

It doesn't matter which area of our lives we put first on our list, there are two factors that will be decisive in our future and the success we achieve. The commitment we have to be successful and the determination to pursue our dreams are the two controlling factors that will determine if we succeed or not. Determination and Commitment are what we need to talk about here today.

You must be fully committed, that you will achieve what you want without giving up. There may be times when you need to make a little detour, and that's acceptable. You must believe without any reservations, that you can achieve your goals, and fulfill your dreams. Once you make up your mind and determine that you are going to do it, you will then tap into your inner strengths and your dreams of success will become more vivid, and your goals will start to materialize before your very eyes.

You may need to write down some of your dreams and goals on paper so you can refer back to your notes and review what you committed to in the beginning of this process. You may find it helpful to even put a specific date, on when you're committed to accomplish your goals. Whatever you need to do to keep your plan in the fore front of your daily routine, do it.

List what you want to accomplish in the short term as well as any long term goals you may want to accomplish. You must visualize in your mind's eye what you're going to accomplish and then pursue your hopes and dreams with determination.

Now that you've formed a plan of action and you're determined to make it happen, then comes the critical part of this incredible journey. You must make a commitment to do whatever it takes to fulfill your dreams. Commitment is where most people fail, in their efforts in becoming successful. If you're not willing to make a commitment, then all of your dreams, planning and determination you once had, becomes of no value to anyone; especially to yourself.

All of us have different levels of determination and commitment. This is human nature because we are all different intellectually, physically, and spiritually and what one considers success, may mean nothing to the privileged who never worked a day in their life. Don't be concerned with everyone around you and their goal's, but focus on what it take for you to become all that you want to be.

Search your heart and soul and see if you have what it takes to become successful. I'm not talking about just the material things, I'm talking about peace of mind, and how it affects you and your family's future. Are you committed and determined you're going to make it happen, what ever it takes? If you're not committed....then give it up now, you've already succumbed to defeat.

Start the process doing some soul searching and seeing if you have what it takes to cultivate your dreams into a higher level of unstoppable determination. Now make that all important commitment to make it happen, just like we suggested earlier when you put your goals on paper. Follow your plan, until you see the results of success, in your life, whatever success may mean to you, and may God's Blessing be with you and give you a successful journey.

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Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consulting

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