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Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Commitment - The Cornerstone To Success

We've all heard success stories about some business venture that has gone totally bonkers, stomped their competition and acquired worldwide fame plus made a ton of money in some new business venture. Most people would say; "somebody sure was lucky." Luck has little to no part in the process of building a successful online venture. When you take a closer look at these success stories they all possess a common thread which we want to talk about in this article today. The key ingredient here is total commitment to make it happen which makes the difference between success and failure in any venture.

Each of these success stories started with a basic idea. There had to be a considerable research done regarding the venture and then some major choices had to be made regarding how it was all going to evolve into a business. Question had to be answered with regard to who was going to be involved in the process, what had to be done to make it a reality, when would be the appropriate time to start the project, where the project was going to be developed and why certain things had to happen before success could be attained.

Let's look at each of these step a bit further in depth and see how this strategy can apply to your future success.

First: You must possess a realistic idea and goal of what you want to accomplish. There will be several variables that will affect the outcome of your venture. Some of these ideas must be pursued with vigor immediately and other ideas may have to be put on the shelf for further consideration.

Second: You will have to do a considerable amount of research in order to make some really informed choices regarding the overall aspects of this whole venture. Being informed of all the variables is critical to a successful outcome.

Third: You must be flexible on who is going to be involved in this business venture with you. You will have to consider who you are going to surround yourself with. Question must be answered such as do you need technical people, sales personal, an office staff, consultants and the list almost becomes endless. Make sure you choose only positive, open minded individuals who share your positive values. One negative associate can kill your business overnight.

Fourth: What kind of a time frame you must consider for research, development and implementation? This is going to be different on every venture, so be flexible. Be able to base your choices on facts only. One important note here is to never put a time frame on your success. Many businesses closed their doors just before success was about to happen. If you run into a problem, analyze the situation, get professional help if needed and regroup if necessary. Nothing here is set in stone.

Fifth: Be ready to make decisions. The more you've researched and eliminated questionable aspects of the business early on in this project, the easier and more productive your end results will be.

Sixth: Without considering the list we've discussed above and putting this part of the puzzle together in your venture you will not be able to make the choices necessary to really make an effective commitment for a successful future.

Commitment requires action. Just knowing the technical aspects of a product or service is absolutely of no value if the venture is not planned and implemented correctly. This is going to require dedication; hard work and a strong desire to make this whole process all come together for a positive and successful outcome.

Devoting the time necessary to make it all happen is the most important part of this process that many individuals fail to address during this process. When I first started in this business there were days that I would spend 15+ hours a day doing what was necessary just to make it happen.

Knowing how to do it is one thing, doing it is quite another. If you're not totally committed then you will probably end up in that 95% online failure category, however, if you're truly and totally committed you can be one of the privileged 5% of those who actually succeed online. It's you choice! There is help available if you are willing to accept it.

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"Let's Build Your Business Together"

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consulting

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