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Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Goal Setting

Most people think that goal setting in nothing more that setting down with pen and paper and writing down specific things that we want to accomplish in our life. These goals should be measurable and have a specific time frame.'

Personal goals setting is something we've all done in the past....but how many times have we accomplished the goal? Many time our normal everyday activities get in the way of accomplishing our goals. There are two main areas we normally think about when we think of goals. First of all financial goals always seem to be the priority. Sure we've all dreamed about becoming a millionaire....but have we taken the steps in our life to make it all happen? Second.....personal goals is the pivot point in most peoples outcome of success or failure. Personal goal must be realistic in order for the financial goals to become a reality.'

It's not enough for us to just write something down and assume it's going to happen. You must make sure you set a specific date and work aggressively towards that goal. If you by chance don't meet your goal, then set another goal and work hard to fulfill that goal. Normally we must have a change of heart and mind to accomplish our goals. Just being the normal every day guy probably won't cut it. You must be the above average individual who thinks outside the box of what the world considers normal.'

To accomplish our goals we must be totally focused on the rewards we will receive at the end of our journey and the differences that our efforts have made in our lives and the people around us.'

Businesses use the principle of goal setting to motivate their employees. The more employees are motivated, the more they are stimulated and interested in accepting goals. The more difficult the tasks ahead, a smaller group of people will possess the necessary skills and strategies. The business will give the employees incentives to get the employee to work harder for some kind of a reward at a future date. This could be in the form of a nice bonus, promotion, longer vacation or some other carrot that the business will dangle in front of the employee.

Those who are motivated will accomplish those goals that have been offered, however, there is always the person who is content with normal job requirements and will not put forth any additional efforts. Who do you think will get recognized for a job well done? I think the answer is quite obvious. Naturally thse who put forth no extra effort are going to blame everybody else for their lack of accomplishment. You'll probably never hear the winners complain at all.'

Our goals must be tangible, specific, realistic and a time table for the accomplishment of our goals. Be realistic when setting any goal. You could set a goal of traveling around the world on the hundred dollars you've saved over the last few months. Get real...you would be lucky to get to the next town. However, you could set a realistic goal of backpacking in the Redwoods of California for a week. That's more realistic if you're conservative.'

Every goal we will ever have is a matter of problem solving. The more activities, resources, training and support...the more likely your chances of accomplishing your goals. There are a couple of other things that will make a difference. Our intelligence, geographic location and our support availability are a few of the other things that will make a difference in our success.'

The following are some quotes from Wikipedia ... The Free Encyclopedia:'

          "Goals focus attention towards goal-relevant activities and away from goal-irrelevant activities.'

          Goals serve as an energizer; higher goals will induce greater effort while low goals induce lesser effort.'

          Goals affect persistence; constraints with regard to resources will affect work pace.'

          Goals activate cognitive knowledge and strategies which allows employees to cope with the situation at hand.'

          Goal commitment...People will perform better when they are committed to achieve certain goals."'

In Summary: Be willing to put your goals on paper. Hang that note in a place that you are forced to look at it on a daily basis. Work toward that goal with all sincerity and be willing to rework your goals if you don't quite get there when you thought you would or you got to your goal sooner than you thought you could. Reconsider how you got to your goal and make adjustment accordingly.'

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Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consulting'

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