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Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Search Engine Functions

Learning about search engines and some of their functions will play an important role to our overall online marketing success. First of all....why do we even use search engines? We will discuss this further in the article. By understanding how the search engines work and following the different engines algorithms.....we can use this information to promote our web site to top page ranks with Google, Yahoo, MSN and other fine search engines. Each site should be constructed in a way that conforms to these engine guidelines. The purpose here is....that our web site can get in front of the buying public more often.

There is a definite reason why Google has evolved into the #1 search engine in the world. Google has earned their top position in this field by providing "quality relevant search results with a simple search interface for their users". Between Google, Yahoo and MSN (Bing), they control over 90% of search engine queries. Google commands a high share of this segment in the world of search engines. Yahoo and MSN are making a strong charge to gain more of the market share of this fast growing business. I think they are doing an excellent job with the quality of their new search information.

If we understand that the principle function of the search engines are to provide this valuable information to the general public, then it becomes imperative that we create our web site with the same principle foundation....quality relevant content for our potential clients.

Since relevancy if one of the first things all search engines look for, then we need to pay close attention and follow there guidelines. We can post our site online for free because the engines make their money by showing ads. With most search engines this is their only profitable revenue. Their job is to show our ads to as many people as possible. The only way to get the largest number of people to use their particular engine is by giving them the most up to date relevant search results.

Search engines databases have an untold amount of information on any subject of interest. We could compare these engines to a huge library of information books in a large building manned by several employees and volunteers. With the internet we have that library at our finger tips all within a small area of our office or home. With a click of a mouse we can narrow our search down very quickly by using the search bar and typing in relevant keywords about our subject of interest. Immediately we have a massive amount of information available.

When we construct our web site, we have in essence written a book about our product or services for this online library. If the search engines are using relevant keywords and keyword phrases to find good content for their queries from customers, it makes a lot of sense that if we write good content in our sites the engines will bring up our web site for the potential client and point that inquiry to our site.

To get the search engine to look at your web site and position it in a favorable becomes important that we provide new relative keyword rich content to the engines in the form of blogs, forums, message boards, ezines, press releases etc. on a regular basis. This is an ongoing chore if we want to earn those "Top Positions on Google" that everyone craves but are not willing to make the commitment and sacrifices to make it all happen.

If we truly understand the concept the search engines have set up for their system to function effectively using relative keyword content then why shouldn't we follow that same concept and feed the engines the information they are starving for. If we understand this concept and put it into our daily practice, the search engines will index our web site in the same way. Higher PageRanks will then follow in a reasonably short time.

For the search engines to return accurate search results that match to the keywords that the potential client is looking for, your web site must be structured with an informative title, a short two sentence description about your site and good keyword rich relevant content throughout the web site that is interesting enough for the potential client to make that all important decision to participate in your business opportunity.

In Summary: In order to get your web site recognized, indexed and earn a higher page rank with the engines, you need to create a quality web site with relevant keyword rich content. Just getting your site listed on the search engines isn't enough. Your goal here is to get people to find your site on the web. Follow the process described above regarding writing and posting to all the places we suggested and your page rank will gain higher positions. Then when individuals "Google It" to get information about a particular interest relative to your keywords, your site will be in the engine database and hopefully the person will find your quality content and make a positive choice for your product or service. That's what online marketing is all about.

The eBiz Solutions Team is standing by to assist you in your marketing challenges. Call today for your free "no obligation" consultation.

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Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consulting

Author Resources:  Larry L Miller a SEM/SEO Consultant who specializes in promoting his clients to "Top Positions With Google" and other leading search engines. Mr Miller is the promotions director for BLM Traders the leader in Automated Marketing Systems. Private Line: 321-594-4405, Fax: skype: larrylmiller121

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