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Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Article Writing Can Enhance Your Marketing Future

Making money online doesn't just happen. There's a chain of events that take place to make an online marketing venture become successful. With every successful individual, web site or marketing campaign there is action behind the scenes that few people realize takes place. Whether online or out there in the real world it takes a concerted effort by someone who has the drive, tenacity and will power to get the job done and become a household name in today's business world.

In some of our recent articles we've shared with you some of the different aspects of marketing that are basic in nature but necessary to become that famous online guru that we've all heard about. Then comes the next important steps of this process which requires some additional effort in studying, researching and implementing your new found knowledge into your marketing plan and/or your blueprint for online success.

One of the most powerful marketing tools for the online marketer is the use of article marketing that you should incorporate into daily routine if at all possible. It's easy to get involved in article marketing and it's free.

Writing an informative article regarding your niche market is a rather simple function that anyone can do if they set their mind to it. You don't have to pay someone high dollars to write for you. First of all the hired writer probably don't know anything about your product or service and probably don't care whether their information will benefit your marketing campaign or the strategies required to make your marketing campaign effective for you. They are in it for the money only and have no concern for your success after they get the money for writing a few words that are meaningless in many cases.

You need to learn the process of writing powerful copy about your opportunity and who better than you would know all the ins and outs of your business better than yourself. A common comment at this point is pretty standard for everyone that asks me for help. They say "I can't write" or "I don't know how to express myself in writing", or many other excuses that you could write a book on.

There are few natural born authors that can just set down and start to write a masterpiece. I know that sometimes is difficult for me to put into words how I feel about a particular issue. However, the secret is not how good your first couple of writings may be, but the fact that you are willing to learn something new and share it with others who could use your help as well.

The internet is all about good quality information and this is what online users are looking for. They are looking for information about a specific subject, product or service and what better way than doing a "Google Search" and immediately have multiple source of information before them to help them make an intelligent decision about almost anything one can think of. The secret here is to get them to click on your site.

One of the beautiful benefits of writing an article and posting on the internet is that you learn a great deal about the subject matter in your research for information about the subject you're going to write about. The key here, especially if you're new to writing, is to keep it as simple, write from the heart and avoid all the hype and bull that users are accustom to. You don't have to impress anyone of how smart you are, how good looking you think you may be or where you stand socially in your community. Who cares? Your main thrust here is to provide good relevant content about your subject matter and let the reader pick up on the sincerity of your writing

On each article you should attach your byline which can contain links to your business opportunity. This will bring you even more exposure for every website that re-posts your article. What a powerful way to build links and back links which the search engines truly love!

The error that most individuals make when writing is to get so caught up in promoting themselves, their product or service that they oversell and don't provide enough quality information for the reader to make an intelligent choice of how your opportunity will benefit the end user which is your potential client. You can have the best product in the world but unless you can get that information to your reading audience in a clear and concise format you will never be able to get to first base with the potential client.

By keeping it simple, exciting and informative you will get your message across to the your readering audience. Once you've accomplished that feat then you must suggest that the reader take action by participating in your business opportunity. This must be in a very suggestive low key but direct approach of asking the potential client to make that all important choice to do business with you based on the quality information you provided.

There is no better way to do this process so effectively without the use of an article directory where you can publish your writings about your product or service every day of the week without offending your readers. Another beauty to this type of marketing is that new faces appear in article directories every day. Some will be authors and some will be readers only. You can build a tremendous following of avid readers who will look forward to your writings simply because your writings are easy to read, information and nonthreatening. These readers will quickly subscribe to your RSS feed just to make sure they don't miss a single word of your quality information.

You can even own your own Article Directory which makes this whole process even more powerful and profitable. The eBiz Solutions Team with BLM Traders dot com are specialist in the setting up of article directories and article marketing strategies and are willing to help you get started in this affordable, powerful and effective way of promoting online. You can purchase the script from them and install yourself or you can let them do a turnkey installation with hundreds of professional authors and articles already in your system. Talk about a powerful way to get started. Check it out.

If you're not quite ready to jump off into the writing aspect of marketing right now, then owning your own directory we discussed above would be the right choice to get involved in immediately. Let other seasoned authors write articles and post in your directory and your personal links would be a permanent link on each of those articles.

What a way to build a list of potential clients. We've all heard the saying that "it's all in the list". These actions will help generate more quality traffic to your web site which will generate more orders which in turn will equate into more profits. Isn't that what online marketing is all about?

Call one of our experts today for more information and see if the concept of Article Marketing is right for you! The eBiz Solutions Team is standing by to assist you in your marketing challenges. Call today for your free 30 minute "no obligation" consultation.

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Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consulting

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Author Resource:  Larry L Miller - SEM/SEO Consultant specializes in promoting clients to 'Top Positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing'. Mr. Miller is the promotions director for BLM Traders the leader in Automated Marketing Tools. Private Line: 321-594-4405, Skype: larrylmiller121

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