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Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Helpful Suggestions That Should Be Included In A Resource Box

If you're into article writing it's imperative to sign your work in some fashion or another. Did you ever see a book in a book store that didn't have the authors name visible in several places on the cover somewhere? When writing an article the best place to sign your work would of course be at the very end of your writing. However, there is another place that should be included in each of your writings and that's in the resource box at the very bottom of the page. Make sure you include your links pointing to your business opportunity there as well. Most directories blogs and forums permit you to post up to 3 of your relevant links in this area.

The "resource box" is often referred to as the "author's bio". Some publications may also refer to it as the "sig" which is the abbreviation for signature. The whole purpose of this box is to inform your readers about who you are, and how to get hold of you if they have other questions or comments about your information.

Many authors use their real name while other writers may use their pen name. If you have a professional title such as Doctor, Consultant or CPA then by all means make sure you include your title immediately following your name. This is an excellent way to add creditability to your work and your name. Of course these suggestions only apply if you have written good content, believe what you've written and can stand behind what you've stated in your written information.

There are a couple of simple pointers that may help you get started on the right track, and may contribute to the effectiveness of your writings. Make your first 2 or 3 paragraphs short, covering a brief overview of what the writing is all about. If you can keep your reader interested to this point you have a 50/50 chance of keeping the readers interest and hopefully they will finish reading your article.

You would be wise to include some form of contact information in the resource box as well. You might want to offer a way for people to subscribe to a weekly, monthly or quarterly newsletter about your business opportunity. You'll be amazed at how many readers will re-read your writings later, think about how your business opportunity will make their life simpler and then respond to your writing or may even give you a phone call. I always include my private line phone number to make it easier for the potential client to get hold of me at any time they are ready to make their informed choice.

There are different opinions on how much information should be included in the resource box. Don't attempt to write a resume of your work history or other projects you may have worked on before. Your other projects will probably have little to no relevancy to your current writing anyway. Most people aren't really interested in your personal life so don't waste your time. If you do happen to refer to another article, then make darn sure that the article you're referring to is relevant to what your current article is all about.

Some of the major directories limit your total resource box content to no more than 300 characters. If you can't include everything you need to disclose within the 300 character space, then you are trying to give too much information.

Article marketing is a vital piece of the giant puzzle of being a good online marketer. By writing and writing often you will hone your writing skills and eventually all of these suggestions will become second nature to your individual style of sharing good information to the internet masses. By utilizing the resource box at the end of each of your writings, you will be able to get that all important contact information in front of your reading audience in every article that you write.

In Summary: Include any or all of the following; Your name, phone number, Skype address, e-mail address and your web sites URL in every article that you do. There's no particular ordered list to follow here, just make sure you stay within the 300 character count or less in each of your writings.

If you're a bit challenged in writing for your web site, writing and posting articles, you can call the eBiz Solutions Team and request their professional help. Call today for your free 30 minute "no obligation" consultation.

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