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Making Money and Building A Business - Blogging!

By: Larry L Miller

There's money to be made online by learning how to blog and doing it consistently with good relevant content about any business opportunity. There are two major types of models that entrepreneurs use to blog their way to a successful and profitable blogging experience. One way is to turn a blog into a profitable venture by selling advertising to individuals and/or businesses. The second kind of opportunity is one that melds your efforts into creating an obvious marriage between a blog and a specific product being marketed. We will expound on these two options in greater detail in this article.

If your intent is to sell advertising on your blog, then there's a couple of ways that you need to consider about this process. You can recruit sponsors who will develop and post ads on your web site by doing some of the work themselves, or you can keep control of your business and do all the work yourself. You can charge a competitive pre-set fee for a specific size ad or banner and keep all the money generated for yourself as compensation for your hard work. This can be very lucrative endeavor if you're a little creative and a bit aggressive in your marketing ideas and promotional efforts. This will generate some links for you as well if you go about this process correctly.

Many well know bloggers are making a pocket full of money blogging and selling space using Google's AdSense programs. This is a good way for a blogger or webmaster to start making money rather quickly online, however, it will require some concentrated efforts to make it all happen. Many blogger expect to make a lot of money using this method and are disappointed when their results are less than their high expectations. However, the harder you work the more positive results will naturally follow.

Another way is to sell advertising directly to multi companies who want to place a banner advertisement or post a sponsored link on your popular blog. This can be rather time consuming, however, this method of advertising can be extremely lucrative for the blog owner. This is an excellent avenue to pursue, especially if you have a lot of contacts that may be related to the specific topic of your blog.

You can make some excellent income by renting blog space to other companies especially if you have a strong background in sales or presentation of opportunities to potential clients. One consideration here for a successful venture would be the amount of readership that you can prove regarding your blogs online popularity before you can attract many of the big name advertisers. If you don't have such a good track record then you may have to work a bit more aggressively before actually making money by blogging or selling ads on your blog.

The time to start with this process is now and before some of the more established companies start capitalizing on this type of promotion opportunities. As the process of blogging and using blogs to sell advertising gains popularity you will find that the efforts you need to put forth to succeed will become more demanding and complex and will require a lot more efforts and money on your part if you want to be successful. Those who have perfected this process now will have a leg up on the competition when this transition has evolved and fully matured.

More and more companies are capitalizing on the concept of blogging to enhance their online presence and corporate image. Many of these big companies are gaining some fantastic financial rewards using this process. Search engines are also picking up on these well designed, content rich blogs and are in turn positioning many of the participating companies with high page rankings and positions for their efforts.

Many of these companies are securing the services of established well known professional bloggers to create these powerful blogging results. The content of these blogs are laser focused on creating a positive relationship between the companies niche targeted customers and branding of the company. The corporations wants to instill in the users mind that their products can fill the customers needs and the users will automatically relate to the company by thinking of the company abbreviated name or logo. A good example of this type of niche marketing and branding is evident by the advertising by corporate giants like Coke, Pepsi and a picture of a target just to name a few.

This type of marketing can be very lucrative for any blogger who has the drive and is willing to create an opportunity by getting involved with a major corporation in this type of marketing scenario. If you are a good blogger you may want to pursue some form of building this type of an online business for making money now and in your marketing future.

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