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Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Optimizing Your Keywords - Long Tail Keywords - Keyword Phrases

If you're really serious about promoting your business opportunity effectively online you must have your web site correctly optimized for the search engines. There are many aspects of optimization that one must implement into your marketing strategies and unless you follow the right guidelines your site will remain stagnant and go absolutely nowhere. One of those elements that's a must is the optimizing of your individual keywords, long tail keywords and keyword phrases which we will discuss in this article.

Since search engines are responsible for the majority of traffic to any website, this is why the proper keywords and keyword phrases must be used to achieve online success. It is my opinion that keywords may well be the most important part of effective Search Engine Optimization often referred to as (SEO).

Many webmasters and owners have a tendency to overdo it with their keyword strategies and end up being penalized for keyword stuffing. If you're not certain what these guidelines are then do your research and follow the recommendation of the experts.

The search engines use your keywords to match queries that users type in the search bar when the user is looking for information about a product or service of interest. If the keywords used in your web site closely matches the keywords that are most often searched for in user queries, then the engines will route potential clients to your web site.

Don't hesitate to use the keyword tools that Google offers for some of the most common keywords and phrases that users search for. Many times you will spend more time choosing the proper keywords for your site than you will in building your web site. This is time well spent and you will understand the importance of this statement as time goes by and you start seeing some remarkable results in your page rankings.

Abuse of any system can result in some unpleasant consequences by the search engines. One word of caution here is not to place keywords in your source code that are not found in the content area of your web site. If you want to get name recognition for yourself then by all means include your name in your site and the keyword area of your source code.

Your goal here is to make your company name and your name to be synonymous when a customer needs and searches for your products or services. You want the users to automatically relate to your company when they think of you, and when people think of you, you want them to relate to your company without them even giving it a second thought.

The question is often ask; "what is the acceptable percentage of keywords to total content?" There are varied opinions on that question. As a Search Engine Optimization Consultant, I recommend that you should strategically place 2 or 3 keywords or phrases per paragraph and the keywords should blend into the natural flow of your subject matter. Never should you place a keyword into your writing just to get more keywords. Make sure your keywords and phrases fit into your natural progression of information without being too obvious to the reading audience. Most experts will agree that between 3-5% of keywords of the total content of your web site is acceptable.

In your keywords description you should never use the same keyword more than 4 or 5 times. A good example of this would be the use of the keyword "marketing". You could use marketing, online marketing, article marketing, powerful marketing tips and auto responder marketing as a few examples. This would be a total of 5 keywords and phrases referring to the word marketing. The overuse of the word "marketing" in your keyword description is going to hurt you with the search engines. Avoid using stop words in your keyword description area in the source code of your web site as well.

Some examples of stop words are words such as: to, and, for, but are just a few examples of stop words. All stop words are ignored by the search engines plus those words can take up valuable character count space. Some of the search engines are now limiting the keyword character counts to 250 characters or less. Many engines are still permitting up to 847 characters; however, you should keep it short and to the point if you want to earn the most powerful results from the search engines.

Your title and Meta description should contain a couple of your most important keywords. In these two areas do NOT use the same keyword more than once in your title or Meta Tag description.

There are various programs offered online that can help you find some of the best long tail keywords that you may want to use in your web site. One such site is called Nichebot.com. You may be asking; "what is a long tail keyword anyway?" Good long tail keywords normally consist of three or four words long. If you think about your site and what you would type in the search box of your favorite search engine you will probably see what I'm talking about.

Let's say we are interested in "marketing" and use the example we referred to earlier regarding marketing. You might type in the search bar "powerful online marketing strategies". This would be an example of a long tail keyword search. Any question you type in the search bar could also be considered as a long tail keyword query.

Your family and friends can be a great help in choosing some of your most valuable keywords and keyword phrases. Ask them what they would type in the search bar if they were looking for your product or service online and you will be amazed what a variety of ideas that will develop from this simple exercise. Take advantage of any and all methods that are available to help you generate keywords and phrases for your business opportunity.

The information discussed in this article is by no means an all inclusive listing of ideas and suggestions; however, the information offered here should help you get off to a good start on building a powerful search engine friendly web site.

The eBiz Solutions Team is standing by to assist you in your marketing challenges. Call today for your free 30 minute "no obligation" consultation.

"Let's Build Your Business Together"

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Private Line: 321-594-4405
Skype: larrylmiller121

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