RSS Feeds - An Important Element for Long Term Success


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Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

RSS Feeds - An Important Element for Long Term Success

RSS feeds appear on almost every popular web site online today. There's a reason for the popularity of this remarkable marketing tools, however, many smaller business and personal website webmasters have failed to realize the importance of RSS feeds and as a result have lost an incredible amount of business over the years. RSS feeds were originally used by the news industry with the idea of allowing other news sources to syndicate their news stories. Today RSS feeds are gaining popularity and have become extremely powerful in the online marketing arena.

The definition of RSS is actually an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. Others often refer to the term RSS as Rich Site Summary while others have referred to the term RSS to mean Rich Syndication Standard. Call it what you will but for this article today we are going to refer to RSS to mean Really Simple Syndication.

Some years ago in the late 90's Netscape was one of the first to coin the phrase of RSS with regard to marketing and since that time the term RSS has become pretty standard in the industry. Since then there's been numerous companies that have created different takes from the original format and some have described their program as a form of scripting news. Many of these companies have merged with other companies and some of these companies just flat failed to survive the ever changing internet.

In recent years RSS directories have expanded their services to include virtually every category that one can imagine. These directories are very similar to web hosting, but instead of including web pages, they contain RSS feed links pointing to various web sites. Sites that provide such links are easily recognized by the orange colored RSS feed button icon. By clicking on one of these icons it directs you to the main source of the RSS feed link. This makes it easy to keep up with the latest news, articles and changes on your favorite web sites without having to go search for any login information.

RSS offers a vast array of benefits that no other form of marketing tools can provide. One of these main features would be that it creates links from their web site to yours. This generates consistent targeted traffic to your web site. This is a huge plus when you're trying to build your online business opportunity. The more directories you upload to, the more chances there will be for potential clients seeing your links and checking out your business opportunity. If those individuals have subscribed to your RSS feeds, then they will get the update as you post new information to your site and they will get your updated news automatically.

Using the RSS feeds to your advantage can be important for you to incorporate in your marketing efforts by subscribing to your competition's feeds so you can keep up with their updates as well. Sometimes knowing your competition products and services is just as important as knowing what your site is all about. You might want to get a directory of the competitions products or services and you will be able to keep abreast of any new products they are adding to their product line. This will also help you keep your product or services competitive in price especially if they are having a weekend sale.

Don't underestimate the power of owning your own RSS directory as well. This will keep potential clients informed of what you are selling and any new updates that you're promoting, thus increasing your own productivity. One huge benefit for you in using RSS feeds is that if you're sending out a newsletter instead of using email, you will eliminate any possibility of your letter being classified as spam by anyone including the users because they are receiving your information per their request when they subscribed to your RSS feed.

Some RSS directories can be posted to for free while others charge a small fee. Use good judgment when pursuing this type of marketing especially if you're just getting started in this business because you can end up spending a ton of money. The benefits of this type of services normally far outweigh the cost of posting in most cases. The more directories you post to, the greater the possibility that you are sending out your information to users that are interested in your products or services. This qualifies your prospect as being a premium lead to your niche market because they physically subscribed for more information from your feed through their subscription to your RSS feed.

The RSS feed technology has made it possible to provide information to any niche market quickly, effectively and affordably. RSS feeds are no longer an option to effective marketing; it has become a real necessity if you want to be an online marketing force. RSS has proven over time to be an essential marketing element if you're truly serious about marketing in the ever changing world of online marketing.

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