The Values of Writing to Promote Your Business


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Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consultant

The Values of Writing to Promote Your Business

If you've been following some of my recent writings you may recall that we've talked a lot about the value of writing articles to promote your online business opportunity. We've covered many different aspects of incorporating good relevant content into any writing because it requires good content whether it's with regard to your web site copy, posting in forums, e-mails or your everyday blogging activities.

Most everyone knows that keeping your name and your company name in front of the internet masses and search engines is crucial if you want to become a recognizable force on the internet. By writing and submitting articles to directories is a powerful way to gain recognition by the internet users as well as the search engines. This process will help you earn better site rankings and increase page rankings with the search engines.

Building a functional and attractive web site is only one of the many aspects of being recognized online as a viable business. Another key element you must consider is maintaining a page one ranking with the search engines once you've earned that high position. There are literally millions of site competing for a page one ranking and there is only one top position and only ten positions on page one. So getting those good top positions and keeping them is a constant vigil if you want to become recognized as a successful information online source.

Today we want to share some vital Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips that may help you earn those "Top Positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing" simply by making some minor changes in your existing web site.

Keywords are probably one of the most neglected areas of optimization that most people don't understand and don't pay close attention to. They don't seem to fathom how important keywords and keyword phrases are even after they've been online for awhile. You don't you have to have hundreds of keywords in your source code to impress the search engines. In fact, it's recommended by some of the major engines that you only have about 20-25 relevant keywords that your trying to promote. Laser focusing is much more effective than using a shotgun approach when it comes to keyword effectiveness.

Many individuals feel that hundreds of keywords would be better. Not true! The more keywords your trying to promote in your website the more diluted each keyword or phrase becomes and you will lose an incredible amount of effectiveness in the whole process. Use only keywords that appear in the content area of your web site. All the rest of the keywords are absolutely worthless. Avoid using stop words in your source code such as a, and, but etc.

Another important tip here would be to write from the heart and as natural as possible. Writing as you normally talk will convey your true feeling better than trying to be someone that you're not. Don't try to impress your readers or the search engines with big fancy words which may totally distract the readers from the true meaning of your writings. The total number of words you write is not as important as what you say.

Try to keep your word count to something less than 1500 words if you can. Some directories place limits on the number of words that they will accept and if you exceed those limits they will not publish your articles at all. I have found in my writings that you can effectively say what you need to say in about 1000-1200 words most of the time and most submission engines will accept that size article.

Writing good copy includes correct spelling and grammar. You may have the best content in the world, however, if your spelling and grammar isn't checked and double checked then you're going to lose your reading audience very quickly. Occasionally you're going to miss a word or two and most people will forgive you for that; thank goodness. I know that in my haste sometimes trying to express my point a misspelled word just happens out of nowhere. If you continue to encounter this issue you might be wise to get someone who will proof read your copy to make sure it flows properly and will help you find spelling and grammatical errors if any.

It's best to include a least 2-3 of your main keywords in the title of your article. This will help to improve your rankings with the search engines. Make sure you use the H1-H6 font values in your title. Many optimization specialists feel that the function of H1-H6 values may be part of the favorable algorithms that the search engines uses in their ranking guidelines.

You can bold some of your keywords in the content area of your writings which will make it easier for the user to pick up on what you want to emphasize. Many experts suggest that the search engines will pick up on any bold or italicized word as a keyword or keyword phrase when a search engine spider visits your site.

It's advised that you use a couple of keywords in your anchor text as well. This helps to improve your rankings with the search engines. No one thing with Search Engine Optimization will make a big difference, however, a lot of little tweaks will sky rocket your page rankings very quickly with higher query results.

Once you've finished your writing, proofed and re-proofed your spelling and grammar now it's time to post your new content. Use some kind of a tracking system to help you keep track of the gain in popularity you're striving for.

If you've written an article then you must decide where you're going to post your writings. We've discussed Article Directories in great detail in some of our recent articles and it would be wise to review some of the suggestions we discussed in these writings. Posting in multiple directories is advisable and acceptable for optimization.

If you're going to post your original writing in your web site as content then you might want to consider modifying your writing a bit for the directories so that your keyword rich article will appear in your website and will be ranked accordingly. You may want to put a link back to the full article in your web site when posting to the directories so if the engines finds both then your web site would be the one ranked higher because of the keyword rich content in your web site.

Always utilize the author's resource box when posting in any directory. You can include 2-3 links in the bio section pointing back to your main business opportunity. You can also point a link back to your article directories unique URL from your main web site which will help you in your rankings with the search engines.

These helpful hints should help you in your efforts to earn Top Positions on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other fine search engines. The eBiz Solutions Team is standing by to assist you in your online marketing endeavors. Call today for your free 30 minute "no obligation" consultation.

"Let's Build Your Business Together"

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consulting

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Author Resource:  Larry L Miller - SEM/SEO Consultant specializes in promoting clients to "Top Positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing". Mr. Miller is the promotions director for BLM Traders the leader in Automated Marketing Tools. Private Line: 321-594-4405, Skype: larrylmiller121

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